3 Reasons Chelsea Lost the Carabao Cup Final to Liverpool, Number 2 is Heartbreaking

By the time you get to the end of this article, you would have read an unbiased review of the Carabao Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool.

It was a tightly contested game with both teams putting on a good performance but had to settle for a penalty shootout to decide the champion of the game. The Kops were crowned Champions after the game ended Chelsea 10-11 Liverpool with Kepa missing the spot-kick.

A lot of people are criticising Chelsea’s second-choice goalkeeper, Kepa Arizabalaga, for not being able to save at least 1 of the 11 penalties he faced during the shootout and also blasting his own spot-kick towards Russia.

There are even those saying Thomas Tuchel made a terrible decision bringing Kepa on for Eduoard Mendy. How can they blame a man who celebrated 3 goals that were not counted? Well, the fact remains Tuchel would still have been criticised if he had left Mendy.

In all honesty, Kepa is not to be blamed for Chelsea’s loss. We can blame Putin for sending the world into a traumatic emotional merry-go-round which had a direct effect on Chelsea as owner Roman Abramovich had to hand ‘stewardship’ to trustees. But let’s not sound like crybabies, here are some cogent reasons why the Blues were not crowned Champions.


Mason Mount a.k.a Frank Lampard Jnr. would have ended the game if he was clinical with the chances he got. Just like certain actions foreshadow a character’s death in a movie, Mount’s misses were an omen that Chelsea would not come through on the night.

Mason Mount had the opportunity to put Chelsea ahead in the first half after a lovely move had Harvetz serve him the ball on a platter. Mount’s effort went agonisingly wide! Mount later had an opportunity to redeem himself but misfired again, this time hitting the bar. Even my Granma would convert that chance!


Stuart Attwell deserves the man of the match trophy for his officiating. He gave advantage to Liverpool when Trevor Chalobah’s groin attacked Sadio Mane’s leg. Had the English man not been in pain, he would have gotten booked for having a reckless groin.

Romelu Lukaku would have had all the bad press he has been getting in recent times subdued but Stuart Attwell and his team believed Lukaku’s hair was offside. As such, the moment Thomas Tuchel would have added a fourth title to his Chelsea shelf was taken away!


It seemed trivial before, but I am beginning to believe that the Wembly Stadium is anti-Chelsea, the Blues have now lost five of their previous six domestic cup finals at Wembley, having also lost both the 2019 UEFA Super Cup and the 2022 Carabao Cup final on penalties to Liverpool.

Chelsea could face PSG at the Stade de France in Paris and come out victorious but fans of the Blues would be jittery if they face Bradford in Wembley Stadium.


All jokes aside, Thomas Tuchel should be proud of his team for a spirited performance. The forwards are beginning to show the fluidity in attack which the team has lacked for a majority of the campaign.

Romelu Lukaku had a good game as well. He held up play and looked sharp. Kai Harvertz had a wonderful game as well, he would have been the hero once again had he not been offside.

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Chelsea Lost the Carabao Cup Final to Liverpool, Number 2 is Heartbreaking”

  1. My brother in football fans how are you doing over there my friends what you will understand in the game is,this is a fright between the lion and tiger,Thank’s.


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