Mason Greenwood pictured in balaclava in first snaps of Man Utd player since rape arrest

Mason Greenwood has been pictured wearing a balaclava in the first images of the Manchester United player since his arrest in January.

The 20-year-old forward was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on January 30, before being further arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and making threats to kill two days later on February 1.

He was pictured for the first time since his arrest on Thursday and was seen wearing a balaclava as he drove his car in the centre of Altrincham with friends.

Greenwood remains on bail, but it is currently set to expire on April 30, although it could be extended further.

United immediately suspended Greenwood following his arrest, but are contractually obliged to continue to pay his £75,000-per-week wages.

The club recently had to insist that the former England international remains suspended after fans were able to access his player profile on their official club website.

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