My Sexy Outfits Is To Make Fans And Families Happy…They Take Pictures With Me In The Stadium, Says ‘World Cup’s Sexiest Fan’

To her, she’s doing what she likes doing best as model, which is, making sure people around her feel her aura of beauty in the positive light. Her name is Ivana Knolls, a German-born model who lives in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

In 2014 World Cup in Brazil, she first attracted fame for her patriotic clothing as well as four years later in Russia.

The former Miss Croatia, 30, told Piers Morgan in a recent interview that her racy outfits have received a glowing reception from ordinary Qataris, and even says families with children have taken selfies with her.

Ivana Knoll, the stunning Croatian model whose distinctive red-and-white chequerboard get-ups have gone viral at this winter’s World Cup, appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV live from Qatar.

Wearing a revealing bikini top in the colours of the Croatian flag, she claimed that she hasn’t received any negative comments since arriving in the Middle-Eastern country.

Asked by Piers if she had encountered any “resistance” to her skimpy outfits in the majority-Muslim nation, she replied: “No, to be honest. I’ve been very surprised, very happy, they [the Qataris] accept my clothing.”

She added: “Women, men, kids take pictures with me.”

But Piers pressed her on whether the response had been different in Qatar, where strict rules on modesty exist.

“Many people are here from other countries,” Ivana replied. “I didn’t have any bad reactions [to my outfits].”

Ivana has risked flouting Qatar’s laws on clothing as she posed in increasingly racy outfits at Croatia’s games.

She even filmed herself strutting down a beach in Qatar in a red and white swimsuit, pouting at the camera.

Also speaking to Piers was Qatari entrepreneur Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi.

He sparked a debate on Twitter last week when he criticised her busty display in the stands.

During her beloved Croatia’s clash with Belgium, a picture of two men in traditional Arab thobes taking a sneaky picture of Ivana took the internet by storm.

Ivana herself shared the photo of the men checking her out on her Instagram as she marked one million followers.

But taking to Twitter, Mohammed said in response to the picture: “Just for your info they take a photo not because they like her but because they don’t like the way she is mis-dressed on regards to our culture.

“You can confirm this with any local Qatari Probably to report it.”

Piers got Mohammed on his show to explain what he meant.

He said that he hoped the World Cup was a chance for Ivana, as well as other foreign supporters, to “learn more about Qatari culture”.

Mohammed added that “no one” would have been rude enough to directly confront her about her clothing choices.

He also cheekily added that Ivana could wear a traditional Qatari dress, called an abayha, saying she would “look good” in one.

Ivana told Piers that her outfits were nothing to do with insulting Qatari culture, and said locals had confirmed that she could dress how she wanted during the tournament.

“I respect every country,” she said. “They are making exceptions for the World Cup.

She added that she had had extremely positive experiences with local women in Qatar, with women in hijabs posing for selfies with her.

Ivana’s World Cup adventure is set to continue as Croatia knocked out Japan on penalties to advance to the Quarter Finals, setting up a mouth-watering clash with Brazil on Friday.

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