Japan 1-1 (1-3) Croatia: Modric, Perisic advance on Penalties

Croatia have qualified for the quarter final of the FIFA World Cup after beating Japan 3-1 on penalties.

The game ended 1-1 on regulation time and extended into extra time. After the 30 minutes, the score remained unchanged, forcing the tie into penalty shootout inside the Al Janoub Stadium.

Japan took the lead in the 43rd minute when Daizen Maeda hit the back of the net.

But Croatia bounced back to draw level through Perisic beautiful header.

The game entered penalties after the score remained the same after extra time.

Croatia advanced after Japan lost their first two penalties.



End of 30 minutes extra time, and it ended 1-1 . Penalties will decide the winner.

This game will go down to penalties.

114 minutes played and nothing has changed about the score.

15 minutes played, the second 15 minutes will start right away.

100 minutes played, still a 1-1 draw.

Extra time kicks off


It ended 1-1 between the two sides after regulation time.

This will be the first game that will extend into extra time in the knockout stage

90′ Japan 1-1 Croatia

This game may likely enter extra time.

82′ Japan 1-1 Croatia

Japan really pressing to score and avoid going into extra time.

70′ Japan 1-1 Croatia

The scorer

Beautiful header from Ivan Perisic put Croatia back in the game.


Croatia equalise. The score is now even.

The exciting moment of celebration

50′ Japan 1-0 Croatia

Japan piling pressure on Croatia

Second half

We are back for the second 45 minutes of the game.


Japan 1-0 Croatia

Daizen Maeda breaks the deadlock as the game reaches the end of the first half.


Japan takes the lead after 43 minutes of action

Some moments are irresistible. All for the beautiful game of football.

The game is going down hard.

25′ Japan 0-0 Croatia

15′ Japan 0-0 Croatia

Match ball

Japan vs Croatia is going down.


We are underway

Japan lineup is all set to tackle their Round of 16 opponent.

Croatia starting lineup has Luka Modric as captain.

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