BREAKING NEWS: Gabriel complaint against Jordan Henderson dismissed by the FA

The Football Association has said Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson had “no case to answer” following a “full and thorough investigation” into an on-field row between the England midfielder and Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhaes.

Gabriel is understood to have complained to referee Michael Oliver about something he is alleged to have heard towards the end of Arsenal’s fiery 3-2 win over Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on October 9.

Oliver spoke to managers Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp at the time and interviewed both Gabriel and Henderson after the game.

Transcripts of the alleged incident were included in the referee’s report, which were handed to the FA, while the governing body interviewed six players who were in the proximity of the flare-up, none of whom heard the alleged comment, as well as employing a lip-reading expert to help with the inquiry.

“The FA can confirm that it will not be taking any disciplinary action,” read a statement from the governing body.

“The FA received a complaint about an incident involving two players in this fixture. As a result of the complaint, The FA conducted a full and thorough investigation.

“The investigation included taking witness statements from the complainant and accused, along with an additional six players who were within proximity of the alleged incident, reviewing multiple angles of video footage, and seeking independent linguistics experts evidence. None of the witnesses heard the alleged comment, and the player accused strenuously denied the allegation throughout.

“Whilst The FA is entirely satisfied that the allegation was made in good faith, it is equally satisfied that there is no case to answer.

“The FA continues to take all allegations received extremely seriously and would encourage anyone who believes that they have been the subject of or witness to abuse to report this through the appropriate channels.”


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