Headlines Today: Haaland and Mbappe both scored brace in UCL clashes; Hazard scored his first UCL goal for Real Madrid

All the top stories and transfer rumours from wednesday’s national newspapers…

Haaland and Mbappe are the two youngest players to score 25 goals in the Champions League

In today’s two Champions League group games, Manchester City and Paris won respectively, with Haaland and Mbappe scoring twice. Haaland and Mbappe are also seen as a new generation of soccer duo.

The young Haaland and Mbappe have already broken several records.

Youngest player to score 20 goals in the Champions League.

Haaland: 20 years and 231 days old

Mbappe: 21 years and 355 days

Youngest player to score 25 goals in the Champions League

Haaland: 22 years and 47 days

Mbappe: 22 years and 80 days

Hazard scored in the Champions League again after nearly 5 years

In the Champions League group stage, Real Madrid played Celtic away. In the second half, Azhar scored to give Real Madrid a 3-0 lead, according to statistics, this is the second time Azhar scored in the Champions League after nearly 5 years.

In the 77th minute of the game, Real Madrid through the smooth cooperation by Azhar finished the goal.

This is the second goal of Azhar’s Real Madrid career in the Champions League, the first goal was a penalty kick against Inter in November 2020.

The last time Arsenal scored a goal in the Champions League was in October 2017, when he scored against Roma as a Chelsea player.

Chelsea interested in signing Zalewski

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Chelsea are eyeing Roma’s rising star Zalewski.

The 20-year-old Zalewski was promoted to Roma’s first team by Mourinho last season and got a lot of appearances at left wingback, but this season, with the return of Spinazzola, the young Polish international is playing more of a substitute role.

According to a report in La Repubblica, some of Europe’s top clubs have made inquiries about Zalewski, with Chelsea the team most interested in the player, and the Blues have made initial contact with Roma and the player’s agent in recent weeks in a possible attempt to bring Zalewski to Stamford Bridge in the future.

However, the report further states that Roma have no intention of letting go of Zalewski and they are already in talks with the Polish starlet about extending his contract until 2027.

Benzema’s injury does not seem to be very serious

In the first round of the Champions League group stage match between Real Madrid and Celtic, Benzema, who started the match, was replaced by Azar with a suspected knee injury in the 29th minute.

According to Spanish Channel 6 reporter Josep Pedrelor, as of now, Benzema’s injury doesn’t look very serious.

The 34-year-old Benzema has made six appearances for Real Madrid so far this season, contributing four goals and one assist.

Mbappe said I will win the world footballer

Recently, Paris star Mbappe in an interview with the U.S. media about his previous contract renewal with Paris and his career, Mbappe said that the most important thing now is to win the World Cup and the Champions League, talking about Messi, C Luo has monopolized for more than a decade Mr. World Football, Mbappe said he will win the award.

With Paris now investing in Mbappe’s contract renewal, it has resulted in Mbappe now being given a leadership role, putting him ahead of fellow stars Neymar and Messi. Fans and news media are already following any phenomenon of him showing himself (dominance), frustration after not receiving a pass, arguments with Neymar over who will take the penalty, and his coach’s recent public statement that Mbappe will be the one to take the penalty in the future.

Mbappe said it ‘annoys’ him to see people accusing him of demanding a say in who will be his coach, or even who will be his teammate.

‘That’s not my job,’he said. ‘I don’t want to be involved in that off the field because I’m not good at it. I’m good on the court. Off the court, that’s not my job, there are too many people who are better than me.’

However, despite his decision to stay in France for at least the next three seasons, where he hopes to compete when Paris hosts the Olympics in 2024, the appeal of La Liga giants Real Madrid remains. Mbappe was only 26 when he ended that three-year contract, and there has been a gut feeling off the field that even billions of dollars from Qatar will not change his mind again the next time Real Madrid call him.

‘You never know what’s going to happen,’ Mbappe said. He also admitted that even though he didn’t play for Real Madrid, it has influenced his career in the most profound way. Speaking about Real Madrid, Mbappe said, ‘You’ve never been there, but it looks like your house, or something like that.’

Last year, Real Madrid offered Mbappe up to 200 million euros, despite knowing he could leave as a free agent this summer, and was subsequently rejected.

In June, with Mbappe’s contract with Grand Paris expiring, Real Madrid sent another offer, delivering the biggest contract in the club’s history, but Paris’ efforts to retain Mbappe were aided at one point by French President Emmanuel Macron. The president offered Mbappe the vision of becoming a flag bearer for his country, with the chance to be a hero for France at least for the next few years, but also for Grand Paris.

There is probably only one precedent for Macron to intervene directly in a footballer’s career plans. I never thought I would be talking to the president about my future, about the future of my career, so it’s crazy, really crazy,” Mbappe said in an interview. ‘He told me, ‘I want you to stay. I don’t want you to leave right now. You’re too important for the country.’ According to Mbappe, Macron added: ‘You still have time to leave, to stay in Paris for a little longer.’

Since he has no agent, Mbappe, for his part, says that every major (and usually minor) decision he makes is made after in-depth conversations with the only two advisers – his parents – whose opinions really matter. During Mbappe’s interview, his mother was sitting in the next room, with a publicist and a lawyer present. She has been a central figure in the negotiations with Real Madrid and Paris over the past year.

‘We sat around the table and talked about everything,’Mbappe said. Following his decision to stay in Paris, Mbappe insisted that the huge offer was not a consideration in his choice of future. He said, ‘Wherever I go, I get money and I’m the same type of player wherever I go.’

He said the most important thing for him at the moment is that he wants to win the World Cup with France and he also wants to win the Champions League trophy with Grand Paris. He wants to replace Messi and Messi’s arch-rival Cairo as the world footballer and can be a strong contender for the Ballon d’Or, insisting on putting collective glory first.

Speaking about Messi and Cairo, who have had a monopoly on Mr. World Football for more than a decade, Mbappe said, ‘I think I’m going to win it.’ He made his statement in a matter-of-fact tone, presenting it (Mr. World Football) as a normal outcome in his career trajectory.

Accompanied by his mother, two PR representatives, two lawyers, a mini-documentary filmmaker, a stylist and a friend, Mbappe arrived by car in Times Square for the interview. Upon arriving at the interview location, a tall security officer made a request that he familiarize himself with the area to determine the best escape route.

Speaking about the Ballon d’Or, Mbappe said, ‘I think I will win it. I always say I dream of everything, I don’t put limits on myself. So of course, as you said, it’s a new generation. carlo and Messi, eventually, will stop. We will find another person, a new person.’

Talking about what’s next, Mbappe said, ‘The only thing I have a little regret about is growing up too fast, it’s the life I always wanted, it’s a different life, but like I said, I’m happy and grateful for that.’ (END)

However, even simple interviews and photo shoots have to be as elaborate as a head of state or a Hollywood big shot for Mbappe, who admitted that he occasionally envies others who can do seemingly simple things like strolling down the street with ice cream. During the interview on this day, Mbappe thought about walking across two blocks to Times Square, but he knew it was impossible.

Icardi ready to go to Turkey for medical checkup, only final details missing for Galatasaray loan

According to Italian journalist Romano, Paris Saint-Germain’s striker Icardi is very close to joining Galatasaray on loan.

According to Romano’s report, the deal for Icardi to join Galatasaray on loan is just short of finalizing the final details and the Argentine shot-stopper is expected to travel to Turkey for a medical in the near future.

Another Italian journalist, Scilla, reports that Galatasaray will pay Icardi an annual salary of 3 million euros during the loan period, with the remainder still borne by Paris.

Manchester United’s reinforcement targets for next summer: Bellingham, Osimhen lead the way

According to the Manchester Evening News, after the successful reinforcements in this summer window, Manchester United only needs to focus on reinforcements in three positions next summer: center forward, midfield and right back.

The media said that United only need to focus on three key positions in the next summer window, rather than a massive lineup update.

First, the center forward is the primary target of next summer window. Although Tenhag has not ruled out the option to extend Cairo’s contract, but he is 38 years old next year, it is unlikely to rely entirely on Cairo. Regardless of Martial’s performance this season, Manchester United will need a new winger next summer and a long-term solution for the No. 9 position. Currently, United’s targets for reinforcements are Osimhen, Abraham and Nkunku.

Secondly, United also needs to sign a midfielder. The addition of Casemiro has reduced United’s interest in Rice, but Bellingham is a good target to bring in. Liverpool and Chelsea are also eyeing a move for Bellingham, and whichever team signs him will be an excellent signing.

In addition, United also need to strengthen the right back. Dalot has started the season well, but he needs more competition, while Wan-Bissaka doesn’t fit Tenhaag’s tactics. Whether Tenhaag brings in a new player to replace Dalot’s starting position will depend on his performance this season.

It’s worth mentioning that whether United bring in a new goalkeeper next summer will depend heavily on the performance of De Gea and Dean Henderson this season.

Pjanic gives up the remaining 2 years of Barca salary to move to Sharjah on a free agent

According to Catalan radio station RAC1, Pjanic has given up the remaining 2 years of his Barcelona salary and will move to Sharjah on a free transfer.

According to the report, Pjanic waives all outstanding payments for the remaining 2 years of his Barca contract and Barca will not have to pay any financial compensation.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina midfielder will move to UAE side Sharjah on a free transfer.

Pjanic’s is pictured on his personal social media and he is already on the plane to the UAE.

Pulisic: We played better most of the time; now need to regroup

After Chelsea’s 0-1 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in the first round of the Champions League group stage early this morning, Pulisic spoke to Hayters TV about his thoughts on the match.

Pulisic: ‘The result was crazy, we started off strong and looked like we were in control of the game, but they had a great counter attack and scored as well, which made the game extremely difficult and obviously we didn’t score today.’

‘I think we should have scored, I think we were the better team for most of the game, but like I said earlier, they managed to score a goal by counterattacking and defending well at the back, which made the game very difficult.’

‘That’s what happened, we couldn’t finish the last pass and shot well.’

‘We have to regroup, we have had some bad results recently and now need to regroup and get the win.’

Speaking about Aubameyang, Pulisic said, ‘He’s a great player as well as a goal scorer, I’ve played with him as well and know him better, I’m glad he’s in our team now and he’ll show his strength.’

Manchester City 4-0 Sevilla | Highlights

In the 1st round of UEFA Champions League Group G, Manchester City faced Sevilla away from home. The referee of the match was Davide Massa. In the first half, Haaland’s header went wide, Grealish’s shot hit the side netting, and De Bruyne assisted Haaland to break through the goal. In the second half, De Bruyne’s one-touch shot was parried, Foden scored with a low shot, Harland added a goal, and Ruben Diaz added the final touch.

PSG 2-1 Juve | Highlights

Paris Saint-Germain hosted Juventus at the Parc des Princes Stadium in the first round of the Champions League Group H. The referee for the match was Anthony Taylor. In the first half, Mbappe opened the scoring by flicking a shot from Neymar’s soulful pass, and then he scored a second goal with Hakimi by hitting the wall. In the second half, Kostić assisted McKenney to equalize with a header, and Donnarumma made many key saves. In the end, Paris defeated Juve 2-1 at home.

Real Madrid 3-0 Celtic | Highlight

Celtic hosted Real Madrid in the 1st round of the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League group stage in a marquee match with Sandro as the referee on duty. In the first half, Celtic continuously put pressure on Real Madrid, and McGregor’s shot hit the post and bounced out. Benzema was replaced by Azhar with a suspected knee injury. Hazard and Vinicius then missed good chances. In the second half, Valverde assisted Vinicius to break the deadlock. Then, Hazard assisted Modric to extend the lead with a shot from the outside of his back. Before the end of the match, Hazard scored to seal the victory. The match ended with Real Madrid beating Celtic 3-0 away from home.

Chelsea 0-1 Dinamo Zagreb | Highlights

Dinamo Zagreb hosted Chelsea in the 1st round of the Champions League Group E. In the first half, Olsic used his speed to shake off Fofana to get a one-touch chance, and then calmly picked out the goal in front of Kepa. In the second half, Aubameyang pushed his shot through the goal, but Chilwell, who assisted him, was offside and the goal was blown, then Ristovski hit the goal with a long-range shot, Kepa pounced on the ball and hit the goal frame, and near the end of the game Reece James hit the post with a shot from the right inside. The match ended with Dinamo Zagreb beating Chelsea 1-0.

Milan 1-1 Red Bull Salzburg | Highlights

Red Bull Salzburg faced AC Milan in the 1st round of Champions League group stage. In the first half, Fernando assisted Okafor to break the deadlock, and then Leao assisted Salmakkers to equalize the score; in the second half, both sides exchanged attacks but both sides failed to score, Fernando missed a good opportunity in front of the goal, and Leao hit the post after refraction in the extra time. In the end, AC Milan drew 1-1 with Red Bull Salzburg away from home.

Dortmund 3-0 Copenhagen | Highlights

A match in the 1st round of the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League group stage was played at Signa Iduna Park between host Borussia Dortmund and visiting Copenhagen. Dortmund’s star goalkeeper Kobel missed the match due to a muscle problem. Copenhagen started the first half with a long-range shot that threatened the Dortmund goal, then Brandt crossed the ball to the right side of the box and Modeste shot wide. Brent assisted Reus to open the scoring with a low shot. Reyna then assisted Guerrero to extend the lead. In the second half, Dotters goalkeeper Mayer made a great save and Modeste missed another good chance. Reyna assisted Bellingham in the final period to seal the win. Finally, Dortmund 3-0 Copenhagen. Dortmund opened the Champions League group stage with a win.


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