Headlines Today: Pogba’s brother says Pogba was ‘using witchcraft’ on Mbappe; Man Utd agree €100m fee with Ajax for Antony

All the top stories and transfer rumours from Monday’s national newspapers…

Pogba’s brother: Pogba is addicted to witchcraft, hired a witch to cast a spell on Mbappe

Matthias Pogba started responding to his brother Paul Pogba’s claim to the police that he had been blackmailed for 13 million euros on his personal social media and said that Pogba had hired a sorcerer to cast a spell on Mbappe.

According to previous French media reports, Pogba claimed to the French police that he had been blackmailed for 13 million euros by a gang with a gun, and that his brother Matthias Pogba was involved

In response, Mathias Pogba retweeted the report and wrote in response, ‘Hahahahaha, what I was waiting for has finally arrived: my little brother is finally starting to show his true colors. Since he’s the one who started lying to the police and getting the information out, you can’t blame me.’

‘Paul (Pogba), you really want to shut me up, even if it means lying and sending me to jail, which I suspected and now proven, my version of the truth is here, unlike you, I have something that can prove my claims and your lies. I’m telling you again: brother, manipulating people is bad.’

‘It’s not about money, you got me involved against my will, I almost died because of you, you left me in a hole while you were running away, you tried to play innocent, and when all is said and done, people will see that there is no more cowardly, treacherous and hypocritical person in this world than you.’

‘Killian (Mbappe), now do you understand? I have nothing negative to say about you, my words are for your benefit, everything is true and proven, wizards are known! I am sorry for this brother, a so called Muslim who is deeply involved in witchcraft, it is never good to have a hypocrite and traitor by your side!’

Pogba says he was blackmailed for 13 million euros by a gun-wielding team, his brother was involved

According to the French news station, Pogba told the police that he had been extorted 13 million euros by a gun-wielding team and that his brother Matthias Pogba was involved.

The French news station has revealed what Pogba told the French police. Paul Pogba told the police that he had been trapped by a childhood friend and two masked men armed with assault rifles. According to him, the group demanded 13 million euros from him and repeatedly visited the Juventus training center in Turin to intimidate him, he told police, adding that he recognized his brother Mathias Pogba as one of the suspects.

When the French national team hosted Ivory Coast and South Africa in a friendly match from March 25 to 29, Paul Pogba took the opportunity to visit his family in Lahni-sur-Marne before friends dragged him to a Paris apartment where they accused Pogba of not helping them financially since becoming a professional player. Two of the armed men demanded 13 million euros from Pogba for “services” to ensure his secret protection for 13 years.

Pogba assured the warning that he had met his blackmailers several times, in Manchester in April and then at the Juventus training center in Turin in July. It was in Turin that he recognized his brother, Mathias Pogba, among those who intimidated him. After this, Paul Pogba contacted the club’s lawyer and they decided to call the police.

Pogba explained to the police that he had always been close to his childhood friends and never hesitated to help them financially when they were in need, until last January when he kicked a friend he was hosting out of his house in Manchester after realizing that the latter had stolen 200,000 euros from him through his credit card.

What Mathias Pogba said involving Mbappe was reportedly that Pogba had a witch in his family circle curse Mbappe, which Pogba has denied.

Antony is close to joining Manchester United

The latest news from Romano says that Ajax striker Antony will join Manchester United for a transfer fee of 100 million euros.

Romano said that Ajax striker Antony will join Manchester United and the two clubs have reached an agreement for a transfer fee of 100 million euros for the Brazilian international.

In addition Romano revealed that Antony will sign with Manchester United until 2027 with a one-year extension option, and he will sign the contract on August 29th local time.

All parties are currently preparing the contract and Antony’s deal will break the all-time record for a Dutch League transfer, as Antony will arrive in Manchester in the new week.

Belotti to Roma on a free transfer

Roma has officially announced the signing of Italian striker Belotti, who has signed a contract until June 2023 with a 2-year extension option. Belotti will wear the team’s No. 11 shirt.

The 28-year-old Belotti, who previously played for Serie A side Torino, left the club as a free agent at the end of the 21/22 season and has now officially joined Roma.

Roma officials said the team signed Belotti until June 2023, with a two-year extension clause on top of that, which will be triggered by performance on the field.

A well-known Italian striker, Belotti has made 270 Serie A appearances and scored 106 league goals, spending seven years of his career with Torino. At the national level, Belotti is also a regular in the Italian men’s football team and won the European Cup with the Blucerchiati in 2021.

Joining Roma, Belotti will play for the Red Wolves wearing the number 11 shirt.

Reguilon joins Atletico Madrid on loan

Tottenham Hotspur defender Reguilon will join Atletico Madrid on loan.

The two sides have reached a comprehensive agreement and Reguilon will go to Spain on Monday to undergo a medical examination and sign the contract.”

The journalist said that the deal is a loan deal and does not include a buyout clause.

Reguilon, 25, joined Spurs from Real Madrid in the summer of 2020, and the Spanish defender has made 67 appearances for Spurs in the past two seasons, giving two goals and nine assists.

Tuchel: Sterling came to Chelsea to score goals

Sterling scored twice against Leicester City, and Tuchel praised the England striker’s performance, saying the player came to the team to score goals.

Tuchel said: “Everyone is waiting for a chance to score and Sterling is waiting to score. He came to Chelsea to score those goals, he was never shy to ask for them and he was brave enough to take the responsibility.

“We have a responsibility to give Sterling chances, but there is no doubt that Sterling has been playing in the league for many years, he has scored a lot of goals, he is very flexible and can create a threat to the opponent and break down the back line of the opponent.

“Against Leicester City, his confidence and his disposals were a bit low, as you can see, we were playing with one man short and no one thought he would have a chance to score. But he got three chances and scored two goals, which was not only important for us, but for him as well.”

Odoi agrees to join Leverkusen on loan

Leverkusen have agreed a loan deal with Chelsea for Odoi, according to Sky Sports’ Dharmesh Sheth.

The report claims that the deal was close to collapse, but Leverkusen have now agreed to the deal.

Previously, Leverkusen wanted to include a buyout clause in the deal for Odoi, but Chelsea wanted it to be a pure loan deal.

In such a situation, Odoi’s brother and agent Bradley played an important role in convincing Leverkusen to accept a pure loan deal.

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Nottingham Forest | Highlights

Tottenham Hotspur visited the City Ground to challenge Nottingham Forest with Craig Paulson as the referee for this match. In the first half, Kurusevski scored for the third consecutive time with an assist to Kane’s ground-breaking blast. In the second half, Kane scored twice with 187 goals to tie Paddy Kerr and move up to third on the Premier League’s all-time scorers list after Dean Henderson’s heroic shot was deflected by Rishalitson’s off-back pass. Finally, Tottenham Hotspur defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 away from home.

PSG 1-1 Monaco | Highlights

Paris Saint-Germain played Monaco and the referee on duty was Benoit. In the first half, Monaco broke the ball in the midfield and Golovin assisted Flanders to score. However, Flanders was injured in this goal and was replaced by his teammates after the goal. At the end of the first half, Messi and Mbappe hit the goal with two consecutive shots. In the second half, Neymar made a penalty and hit it himself, while Ashraf’s long-range shot hit the post again. Before the end, Mbappe missed a single chance. The match ended with Paris drawing 1-1 with Monaco at home.

Barça 4-0 Valladolid | Highlights

Barcelona played against Valladolid. The first half started with Levan and Dembele hitting the post, then Rafinha assisted Levan to break the deadlock, and Dembele assisted Pedri to break the goal before the end of the half; in the second half, Dembele assisted Levan to score another goal, and Roberto added a goal in the extra time. Finally, Barcelona 4-0 Valladolid.

Real Madrid 3-1 Espanyol | Highlights

Real Madrid visited El Prat Stadium to challenge Espanyol, with Mario Melero as the referee. In the first half, Chuameni assisted Vinicius to open the record with a low shot, and Joselu broke the tie with two strikes in the late stages. In the second half, Benzema scored twice with an overhead shot and a free kick before the end, and Leconte was sent off with a straight red penalty. In the end, Real Madrid defeated Spaniards 3-1 away from home.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Newcastle | Highlights

Wolves played against Newcastle United. In the first half, Wolves played a cross from the right side, Neto followed up the ball in front of the goal and hit it slightly over the goal, Gedes assisted Ruben Neves to break the world wave, Wolves led Newcastle United 1-0. In the second half, Ruben Neves’ direct shot was tipped over by Chris Wood, Almiron swung a shot from outside the area, the ball was blocked by the defender, Neto assisted Jimenez to shovel a shot in front of the goal which was canceled, and in the last moment, St. Maxime drew the net in the air to end the match. At the end of the match, Wolves were held to a 1-1 draw by Newcastle United, missing their first win of the season.

West Ham United 1-0 Aston Villa | Highlights

Aston Villa took on West Ham United at Villa Park. In the first half, Conza’s goal was invalidated and Coutinho tried a long-range shot, which was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the second half, Ben Rahma took a long-range shot, the ball went over the crossbar and Fornals hit the net, West Ham United 1-0 Aston Villa. At the end of the match, West Ham United defeated Aston Villa 1-0 and won their first match of the season.

Arsenal 2-1 Fulham | Highlights

Arsenal vs Fulham. In the first half, the two sides exchanged blanks, Martinelli hit the crossbar from a penalty corner, and Leno pounced on Saka’s threatening shot; in the second half, Gabriel missed a gift at the back, Mitrovic broke the deadlock, and then Erdgau shot hard to equalize the score, before the end of the game, Gabriel used the chaotic opportunity in front of the goal to complete the kill. In the end, Arsenal turned back Fulham 2-1.

Manchester City 4:2 Crystal Palace | Highlights

Manchester City took on Crystal Palace. In the first half, Stones scored an own goal, Anderson scored another goal with a header, then Edson’s hand throw was broken, Ayew’s goal was blown out, and after another match, Bernardo Silva got a goal back and Harland completed his hat-trick. Finally the match ended with Manchester City 4-2 Crystal Palace.

Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City | Highlights

Chelsea played at home against Leicester City. In the first half, Chick fell down in the penalty area to create a penalty, but previously received the ball offside, the penalty was cancelled, then Gallagher foul spoiled Leicester City’s counter-attack opportunity, the referee showed a second yellow card to send him off, then Amartey broke through the goal but because Barnes rushed the goalkeeper in the first was blown invalid. In the second half, Sterling opened the scoring with a shot from the front of the penalty area, and then James sent an assist to Sterling to push the empty goal to finish the second goal, and then Barnes drew a goal back with a shot from the near corner. The match ended with Chelsea beating Leicester City 2-1.

Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth | Highlights

Liverpool played at home against Bournemouth. In the first half, Firmino made four goals, Luis Dias, Elliott opened the door, Arnold broke the world wave, Van Dyke also scored, Salah repeatedly missed good opportunities; in the second half, just after the opening Maipam inadvertent oops, Firmino broke the door again, Salah poor state lost a single, Fabio Carvalho harvested Liverpool’s first goal, Dias broke the door, the final Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth, which The difference also tied the biggest difference in the history of the EPL.

Brighton 1-0 Leeds United | Highlights

Brighton hosted Leeds United. In the first half, Webster’s header nearly broke the goal. In the second half, Mahi missed a single goal and Gross broke the deadlock. Finally, Brighton 1-0 Leeds United.

Manchester United 1-0 Southampton | Highlights

Manchester United were away to Southampton and Martial missed the game due to injury. In the first half, Eriksen missed a good chance, and Béla almost broke the goal. In the second half, Bruno Fernandez broke the deadlock for Manchester United and De Gea made a great save. Finally, Manchester United won 1-0 away to Southampton.

Bayern 1-1 Borussia Monchengladbach | Highlights

Bayern Munich hosted Borussia Mönchengladbach at the Allianz Arena in Munich with Daniel Schlager as the referee. In the first half, Mane’s two goals were ruled out, and then young Thuram caught Yu Pamekano’s low mistake and scored a semi-single goal. In the second half, St. Sommer was able to stop Sane from scoring the equalizer. In the end, Bayern drew 1-1 with Monchengladbach at home.

Juve 1-1 Roma | Highlights

Juventus hosted Roma at Allianz Stadium in Turin. The referee for this match was Massimiliano. In the first half, Vlahovic scored from a free kick, Sandro missed a long shot and Locatelli’s goal was blown. In the second half, Cuadrado missed a shot inside and Dybala assisted Abraham to equalize the score, finally, Juve 1-1 Roma.

Milan 2-0 Bologna | Highlights

AC Milan faced Bologna at home in San Siro with Gianluca as the referee on duty. De Cattrale made his debut for Milan and the Belgian was active in the first half and assisted Leao to break the deadlock. In the second half, Leao assisted Giroud to finish the match. The match ended with AC Milan winning 2-0 against Bologna at home.

Inter 1-3 Lazio | Highlights

Inter Milan faced Lazio on the road. In the first half, Immobile made a danger with a low shot and Anderson scored with a header. In the second half, Lautaro Martinez equalized the score, Alberto’s world wave helped Lazio take the lead again, and Pedro sealed the victory. Finally, Lazio 3-1 Inter Milan.


Former Manchester United star Edinson Cavani is set to join Valencia. The striker is available on a free transfer this summer after his contract expired after two years at Old Trafford.

Leicester and Everton are weighing up a late move for ex-West Brom star Matheus Pereira.


Steve Cooper was deeply unimpressed by Richarlison’s juggling antics during Nottingham Forest’s defeat by Tottenham. “I wouldn’t want my players to do that, what Richarlison did,” the Nottingham Forest manager said. “If that is accepted at Spurs that is nothing to do with me, but it wouldn’t be accepted here.”


Man Utd have ‘failed’ in their attempts to hijack Chelsea’s move for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Stan Collymore has called for Aston Villa’s CEO to ‘go’ if Steven Gerrard is sacked this season.


Sergio Reguilon and Harry Winks are each poised to seal their exits from Tottenham, with Atletico Madrid and Sampdoria respectively set to net the duo on loan.


Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl has confirmed the club have received no offers for Jude Bellingham this summer and insists they will fight to keep the England sensation in 2023.

Liverpool are considering a move for Sheffield United midfielder Sander Berge ahead of the deadline.

Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher has apologised after angering manager Thomas Tuchel with his red card against Leicester City.

Mario Balotelli provoked a furious reaction from his Adana Demirspor boss Vincenzo Montella as the two almost came to blows on the pitch after Saturday’s Turkish Super Lig game.


Liverpool have seen their hopes of landing Ruben Neves before Thursday’s transfer deadline dashed after Wolves manager Bruno Lage said he is “99 per cent” sure the Portuguese midfielder will stay at Molineux this summer.


Hearts boss Robbie Neilson wants two more players in before the window closes.

Nottingham Forest winger Alex Mighten has been linked with a loan move to Hearts.


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