Manchester City 1-0 Bayern Munich: Erling Haaland debut goal decides match at Lambeau Field

Erling Haaland scored just 12 minutes into his Manchester City debut and it proved the game-winner as the Premier League champions edged out German champs Bayern Munich 1-0 in front of a sellout crowd at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The match was interrupted by a lightning delay just one minute after the Haaland goal and when it resumed 55 minutes later, Haaland returned to the field. He almost scored a second goal had it not been for a last-ditch sliding tackle by a Bayern center back.

Bayern Munich were bothered by the Man City press and often found it hard to get out of their own half. And when they did get into the attack, they missed Robert Lewandowski’s finishing ability with Serge Gnabry coming close on one sliding effort in the best chance of the match for the German side, which clearly has work to do to overcome the loss of its star to Barcelona.

Due to the weather delay, the match was limited to 40-minute halves and fans booed when the final whistle was blown with the clock at 80 minutes.

The two clubs will next return to their home headquarters as they prepare to battle for the first silverware of the season next Saturday. Bayern will be contending for the German Super Cup, while Man City will face Liverpool for the Community Shield.


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