Erik ten Hag joins Twitter BUT Manchester United fans CANNOT view any of his Tweets

Newly-appointed Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has joined the millions of people worldwide who make use of the so-called “Blue Bird App” – Twitter.

The 52 year-old Dutchman who replaced German tactician Ralf Rangnick in the Old Trafford dugout this summer, finally joined the famous social media platform but his account is currently locked and is not displaying any information.

Erik ten Hag’s account has been verified but he only has one follower, and it is unclear who that is at the moment due to privacy settings. Also, he is not following anyone on the social media platform as things stand.

Due to his account being locked, fans of the Red Devils cannot currently see what he is tweeting, or if he is sending out any posts at all.

The mysterious situation is only likely to add to the intrigue surrounding Ten Hag as he prepares to coach in England for the first time in his career.


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