Richarlison and Vinicius Jr CLASH AND FIGHT in training and are separated by team-mates ahead of friendly in Japan

Brazil team-mates Richarlison and Vinicius Jr were involved in a fight and both players had to be SEPARATED during training following a heated altercation.

The pair almost came to blows on Saturday during a training session ahead of Brazil’s friendly with Asian powerhouse Japan on Monday.

It is not clear what sparked the incident, in which a fired-up Richarlison jawed down the Real Madrid winger as he grabbed his shirt.

Their teammates including PSG superstar Neymar quickly rushed in to separate them but their intervention appeared to further enrage Richarlison, who grimaced as Neymar put his hands around his neck.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed after the pair were dragged apart and went their separate ways.

The incident quickly became the talk on social media especially Twitter, with one fan saying: “What do you think Vinicius Junior said to Richarlison to upset him this way?

“Me: “Lukaku is better than you.”

Another said: “Vini was wrong to say Lukaku >>>>> Richarlison.”

Another said: “Richarlison is a Diego Costa kinda player. “

And another said: “See his face. Richarlison knows what he’s done.”

The near bust-up came four days after Richarlison warmly welcomed Vinicius to the Brazil camp with a warm embrace, following his heroics in the UEFA Champions League Final against Liverpool in Paris France last month.

The Everton frontman had given Vinicius a hug before placing his hand on his hat and appearing to crack a joke.

Richarlison had opened the scoring in Brazil’s 5-1 win over South Korea on Thursday afternoon, with the strike taking his international tally to 14 in 35 appearances.


One thought on “Richarlison and Vinicius Jr CLASH AND FIGHT in training and are separated by team-mates ahead of friendly in Japan”

  1. I’m not sure what the led to the near fight between Vini and Richarlison. I like nith of them, but as a lifelong Real Madrid man, and therefore one who hve always observed my club’s demeanor on the field of play, I have noticed that Vini, with all his signature smile, can get easily irritated. I hope he can become a bit more calm, as he gradually matures and confident on the pitch these days


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