VIDEO: The Horrible Moment Ex Real Madrid Star’s Car Crashed Into a Bus

Former Real Madrid and Colombian star midfielder Freddy Rincon is in critical condition following a collision between the vehicle he was traveling in and a bus, authorities said on Monday.

The 55-year-old former Real Madrid and Napoli player was taken to hospital suffering from a “severe head injury,” said Dr Laureano Quintero of the Imbanaco Grupo Quironsalud clinic in the southern city of Cali.

Rincon underwent almost three hours of surgery before being transferred to intensive care in a “very critical condition … his prognosis is reserved,” said Quintero. A Cali bus and “a truck seemingly carrying four people” collided at around 4:30 am (0930 GMT), said Edwing Candelo, the local transport undersecretary.

Five people were injured in the crash, including the bus driver, said Candelo.
Local media shared a video that showed the bus hitting the passenger side of the truck at a crossroads. Candelo said the images “suggest that the traffic light was red when the truck crossed.” He said both the truck and bus could have been speeding.

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