Cristiano Ronaldo hits back at ‘jealous’ Wayne Rooney after Derby boss tells Man Utd to AXE his old team-mate

The Derby boss also advised his former club to change approach and play with young, hungry players rather than Ronaldo.

In response to Rooney sharing a photo from MNF on Instagram Ronaldo commented “Two jealous” alongside an eyes emoji.
It’s possible CR7’s comment may have been tongue in cheek and simply poking fun at his friend.

When asked if Ronaldo’s signing has worked out for United, Rooney said: “You’d have to say no, at the minute.

“I think he’s scored goals, he’s scored important goals in the Champions League early on in the season. He scored the hat-trick against Tottenham.

“But I think if you look to the future of the club you would have to go with younger, hungry players to do the best to lift Manchester United over these next two, three years.

“And obviously Cristiano is getting on a bit. He certainly isn’t the player he was when he was in his 20s. And that happens, that’s football.

“He’s a goal threat but I think the rest of the game they need more, they need young, hungry players.”

It would be interesting to see how this story develops in the coming t


10 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo hits back at ‘jealous’ Wayne Rooney after Derby boss tells Man Utd to AXE his old team-mate”

  1. Ronaldo has a class of his own and if given the right feeders in the midfield; he will still do wonders. We lack formidable midfielders.


  2. I totally agree with Rooney, CR7 has nothing more to prove because he has done it all but inevitably age will slow you down no matter who you are and it will ultimately stop you so going for younger players has to be the way to go .


  3. This is new days come man u needs young talented footballers infacts I advice to bring below 28 years to boost the club Rooney is not jealous but true words always much pain we love Ronaldo but age is affecting him and the way he behave after substitute always not good for the lads


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