World Cup Qualifiers: Football official dies after Nigeria, Ghana match

An official member of the Confederation of African Football has been reported dead following the disturbances that erupted aftermath of the Nigeria – Ghana FIFA World Cup qualifier in Abuja on Tuesday night.

The Super Eagles fans were left unhappy following their 1-1 drawn game against the Black Stars at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium. The stalemate mean Ghana will play in the Mundial for the fourth time in Qatar later this year.

After the game, fans staged a riot at the stadium with police firing tear gas to disperse the mob.

After the pitch invasion by irate fans and the subsequent attacks on Nigeria football officials, it was revealed that the doping officer for the game, Joseph Kabungo from Zambia, suddenly collapsed and died.

Dr Joseph Kabungo, a Zambian medical practitioner, is reported that have lost consciousness after he was beaten and stepped on as fans tried to make their way out of the stadium due to the stampede.

He was CAF’s designated Doping Officer for the game between Ghana and Nigeria.

In a post on Twitter by British-Nigerian journalist Osasu Obayiuwana, his death was confirmed after he was rushed to the hospital.


6 thoughts on “World Cup Qualifiers: Football official dies after Nigeria, Ghana match”

  1. Sad development. Such behavior is retrogressive and should not be tolerated in any sport .
    As Zambians we have been robbed of a professional and dedicated doctor both in sports and health circles. He will be greatly missed by many .


  2. Very bad to hear, but i think it’s time to grow up in football game is just a game, one has to lose and other to win. what if Nigerian were the one won what could happen??? Brothers let us grow in football.
    For Africa


  3. My God this is not good football isn’t about violence and both teams have to be suspended for that misbehavior.


    1. Why both? Was the game not played in Nigeria? Who was supposed to provide marshals and other security systems? I think the Nigerian Football Association has some explanation to do


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