VIDEO: A number of grenades EXPLODED on the pitch before Rosario Central vs Newell’s Old Boys

The Rosario derby is one of the feistiest in Argentina and in world football, as both teams’ fans passionately despise one another.

The derby game in Argentina’s top flight between Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys kicked off late on Sunday after “a number of grenades”, which had been thrown on to the field by fans, blew holes in the playing surface.

The fixture, a local derby between two fierce rivals in the Santa Fe province, is one of the major dates in the country’s football calendar.

On Thursday evening, 30,000 Newell’s fans gathered at their club’s stadium where there was a firework display to give the team a send off ahead of Sunday’s game.

The Newell’s Old Boys official Twitter account wrote: “Kick-off is being delayed as the referee is briefed by the Head of Security. A number of grenades that were thrown onto the pitch have made holes in the pitch.”

Newell’s won the game 1-0 thanks to a second-half goal from Juan García, with the forward flicking home from close range after some pinball in Rosario’s penalty area.

Fans have reacted to the incident and they still can’t come to terms with it.

One commented: “Argentine football on & off the pitch is on a completely different tier.”

Someone put: “England: take the plastic lid of ya bottle of pop in a ground. Argentina: Hand grenade, no problem. Enjoy the game lads.”

A third said: “Argentina got grenades being thrown on the pitch, whilst we’ve got people tying themselves to goalposts with cable ties.”

While another tweeted: “Argentina said, hold up Mexico, hold my beer, I’ll show you how we do it…”

Juan Manuel García scored the only goal of the game for Newell’s to secure a vital 1-0 win.

30,000 Newell’s fans gave their team a unique send off on Thursday by holding a pyro party as they training at the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa.

That Marcelo Bielsa the stadium is named after is indeed the former Leeds United boss.

He’s a cult hero among Newell’s fans and he’s had a run-in involving grenades in the past. Yes, you read that correctly.

When Bielsa was manager of Newell’s back in 1992, his side were beaten 6-0 and angry ultras decided to show up outside his house.

What did Bielsa do? The madman came to the front door in his pyjamas carrying a grenade in his hand.

The former Chile national team coach then threatened to pull the pin if they refused to leave.

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