BREAKING: Russia’s request to freeze a FIFA ban on its soccer teams ahead of next week’s World Cup qualifying playoffs was dismissed

Russia’s participation in the World Cup in Qatar is almost certainly over after a move to delay their suspension while an appeal was heard was rejected.

Football’s world governing body FIFA suspended the Russian federation from its competitions over the country’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

Russia appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and asked that the suspension be stayed pending the outcome of the appeal.

However, CAS announced on Friday that the Russian request for a stay had been rejected and that the suspension remained in force.

Russia were due to compete in the World Cup play-offs later this month, but with no date fixed for the appeal to be heard it would seem that they are out of contention for the finals.

Russia were in a four-team play-off path also featuring Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic with the semi-finals and final being played on March 24 and 29.

Poland, who had originally been due to play Russia in a play-off semi-final, have been granted a bye to the final where they will face either Sweden or the Czech Republic.

A request to stay a similar suspension imposed by UEFA at the same time as the FIFA sanctions were issued was rejected earlier this week.

Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic sent a joint letter to FIFA at the end of last month saying they would refuse to face Russia in the play-offs over its invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA initially stopped short of an outright ban, and on February 27 said a Russian team could compete under certain conditions, including that the team play on neutral territory, and under the banner of the ‘Football Union of Russia’. That stance was rejected by the three countries in their play-off path.

The following day FIFA and UEFA jointly announced the suspension of Russia from their competitions, which followed a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee’s executive board to international sports federations to suspend Russian and Belarusian athletes and teams until further notice.

One thought on “BREAKING: Russia’s request to freeze a FIFA ban on its soccer teams ahead of next week’s World Cup qualifying playoffs was dismissed”

  1. Fifa is a hypocrisy organisation when Israil is killing Palestinians and American killing Iraqis and Afanistanians they didnt stop anyone from playing world cup shameless organisations may God destroy you ALL “Ameen”


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