BREAKING: Abramovich unable to sell Chelsea as UK government freezes the Russian’s assets

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is now unable to sell the club after the UK government froze the billionaire’s assets.

Abramovich had announced his intention to sell the club last week.

Despite there being plenty of interest, however, the sanctions now mean that the Blues face an uncertain future.

Why has Abramovich been sanctioned?

Abramovich has been penalised as part of the government’s sanctions on numerous high-profile Russians who have ties to president Vladimir Putin, who ordered the recent invasion of Ukraine.

HM Treasury’s Office of Financial Sanctions released a statement on Thursday which, in part, reads: “Roman Arkadyevich ABRAMOVICH (hereafter ABRAMOVICH) is a prominent Russian businessman and pro-Kremlin oligarch.

“ABRAMOVICH is associated with a person who is or has been involved in destabilising Ukraine and undermining and threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, namely Vladimir Putin, with whom ABRAMOVICH has had a close relationship for decades.

“This association has included obtaining a financial benefit or other material benefit from Putin and the Government of Russia.

“This includes tax breaks received by companies linked to ABRAMOVICH, buying and selling shares from and to the state at favourable rates, and the contracts received in the run up to the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

“Therefore, ABRAMOVICH has received preferential treatment and concessions from Putin and the Government of Russia.”

The culture secretary Nadine Dorries confirmed Chelsea will still be able to operate as a club in the meantime.

She tweeted: “To ensure the club can continue to compete and operate we are issuing a special licence that will allow fixtures to be fulfilled, staff to be paid and existing ticket holders to attend matches while, crucially, depriving Abramovich of benefiting from his ownership of the club.”

13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Abramovich unable to sell Chelsea as UK government freezes the Russian’s assets”

  1. Why is Chelsea involved in Russia- Ukraine war, there are things I don’t understand?
    If England doesn’t cooperate with Russia, does it mean they should grab Chelsea from abramovich that way?


  2. Let them come and invest in Uganda and let them be sanctioned because Indians and Chinese investors tocher African labourers in their factories let them repays for the others


  3. It’s high time we should work up and invest in our own countries these western countries are good at grabbing our richies through tax and other clever ways


  4. As a chelsea fc fan, far from Malawi 🇲🇼, Southern part of Africa.
    Am deeply concerned about the development but as far as peace and democracy is concerned let it be.
    Football is another mode of communication and it makes people united.
    Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine 🇺🇦, are shedding blood, for the love of their country, let’s unit with them.
    UK please take decision for the betterment of majority.


    1. You are NOT a Chelsea fan at all. Chelsea fans the world over speaks with one voice. We condemned in totality Russia’s actions against Ukraine and the consequences there of. But no Chelsea fan would put the blame on the shoulder of Mr. Abramovich. He never started the war nor sanctions the war, but he is being punished for being a Russian and becoming successful.


      1. i don’t see the reason why the should sanction mr Abrahamovich is it a crime to have something attached with one’s president moreover he’s not the cause why are they putting him in a state of discomfort


    1. The lives of Ukrainian matters most
      Innocent lives are gon one Ukrainian life worth more than Chelsea football club. UK government on the right track we need democracy not devil’s Acts.


      1. Why are you diverting this matter to a wrong direction what has politics gone to do with football, you should be seeking peace and justice not the other way round


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