Turkish Businessman Muhsin Bayrak in Negotiations to Purchase Chelsea From Roman Abramovich

Turkish businessman Muhsin Bayrak has claimed to be in negotiations with Roman Abramovich’s lawyers to purchase Chelsea Football Club.

After listing Chelsea for sale on Wednesday, Abramovich has already had plenty of interest as well as bids for the club as his 19 year run as owner comes to an end. 

Chelsea had received interest from Switzerland, USA and now Turkey with Bayrak appearing to be joining the race to takeover the reigns at Stamford Bridge.

Bids will be accepted by the American merchant bank, the Raine Group until March 15 as they set a deadline. But they insist a sale will not be rushed through.

“We are not going to rush anything. It is very important that Chelsea have the right owner to guide the club forward,” CEO Joe Ravitch stated.

As quoted by Turkish outlet Yeni Safak, Bayrak said: “We are negotiating the terms of the purchase of Chelsea with Roman Abramovich’s lawyers. We are in the negotiation phase for the signatures. We will fly the Turkish flag in London soon.

He added: “Roman Abramovich has confirmed that he will sell Chelsea, which he bought in 2003, on the club’s official website. Our Holding Lawyers and Roman Abramovich’s lawyers have been in touch since the first day Chelsea entered the sales process. The negotiation process has come to an end and we are planning to sign soon. This sale is also very important for Turkey.”

Bayrak is the Chairman of the Board of AB Group Holding, who has investments in crypto money, construction and energy sectors. His net worth is currently unknown.

They are based in Istanbul and operate in several European countries, and are preparing to enter England – specifically London.

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