Shakhtar Donetsk coach killed in Ukraine during fight with Russia

Shakhtar Donetsk have confirmed that their youth coach has died defending Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“One of our employees was killed, he was a children’s coach,” confirmed Shakhtar CEO Serhiy Palkin on Thursday evening as quoted by Mirror UK.

“He was hit by a fragment of a Russian bullet.”

DAILY POST reports that this is coming just two days after two Ukrainian footballers were killed in the conflict.

Recall that Russian President, Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine last Thursday, triggering a bloody war in Eastern Europe.

31 thoughts on “Shakhtar Donetsk coach killed in Ukraine during fight with Russia”

  1. We shurely need peace in the whole world, I don’t think there is any gain in oppressing people and moreover with no crime comited.


    1. Frankly am disappointed with the way the war is going why can’t everyone stand up against Russia? Enough is Enough


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