OFFICIAL: Kenya and Zimbabwe banned from world football by Fifa

Kenya and Zimbabwe have both been banned from world football by Fifa because of governmental interference in the running of the game.

Kenya’s sports ministry disbanded the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) over alleged misappropriation of funds and appointed a caretaker committee in November.

That same month, the Zimbabwe FA (Zifa) board was also suspended by the country’s government-appointed Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

The reasons for the SRC’s intervention include alleged sexual harassment of female referees by technical staff and allegations of fraud within Zifa.

“They know what needs to be done for the suspension to be lifted and for them to be re-admitted,” Gianni Infantino, president of world governing body Fifa, said.

Meanwhile, at the end of November Nick Mwendwa stepped aside as FKF president after being charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Last month, Kenya were withdrawn from its Women’s Nations Cup qualifying tie against Uganda.

A Fifa ban means the two countries cannot take part in international competitions until the suspension is lifted.

As a result, their respective participation in qualifying for the men’s 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, which is expected to begin in June, is in doubt.

2 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Kenya and Zimbabwe banned from world football by Fifa”

  1. Yes it’s wrong for governments to interfere in the running of football. The French President is interfering or trying to have influence on Mbappe not to move to Real Madrid.In his capacity as the president of France. Infact even the former president Nicholas Sarchozy what ever his name is. Hiz also involved why is France not being suspended. Yes we cry resism as Africans.


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