Brazilian football side Bahia’s bus bombed with players injured and taken to hospital

Numerous players were injured and one was rushed to hospital after a bomb exploded inside a Brazilian football team’s bus ahead of a fixture on Thursday night.

Bahia posted pictures showing their vehicle with a large hole in the rear windows and seats splattered with blood, while a nearby car was also struck by the blast.

The ordeal occurred as the club, who are based in coastal city of Salvador, arrived at Arena Fonte Nova for their home game against Sampaio Correa in the Copa do Nordeste.

Bahia goalkeeper Danilo Fernandes required hospitalisation after he was hit in the face with shrapnel.

A statement on the club’s official Twitter account confirmed the news and cast doubt on whether the fixture would go ahead.

A subsequent statement confirmed the shot-stopper would spend the night in hospital having had stitches for his injuries, which included a cut near his eye.

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